Gavdos Island Crete

Gavdos Island,
Crete: The island of pristine beaches

Island, Crete
is the southernmost part of Greece. Gavdos is located about 50 kilometres south
of Hora Sfakion. The only way you can get to this small island is by ferry from
Hora Sfakion or Paleochora.

is a remote island in the South Crete Sea, or Liviko Pelagos, as it is called
in Greece. But this remoteness is the main reason for its pristine charm.
Indeed, in distant Gavdos you can find some of the most stunning beaches in Crete.

Gavdos, Crete, has only about 100
permanent residents. However, during the summer months a few thousand people
share this beautiful island.

Crete – An island as unique as its stunning nature

Gavdos has a roughly
triangular shape and a total area of about 27 km². The island is made up of
impressive rock formations, dunes, and magnificent beaches.

the north west of Gavdos Island, there is a tiny island called “Gavdopoula”, or
“Small Gavdos” in Greek.

most especial beach in Gavdos Island is Tripiti. It is located on a rocky
peninsula on the south-eastern part of the island, where a big natural arch has
been carved in the rock by the water. This is where the name “Tripiti” comes
from – it means “holed” in Greek. On top of Tripiti there is the sculpture of a
big, oversized chair.

great beach, and the most known in the island of Gavdos, Crete, is Sarakiniko.
Sarakiniko beach is located on the northeast of the island, about 2 km from
Gavdos harbour. You can get to the beach on foot from the harbour in about 20
minutes. Sarakiniko is a marvellous, large sandy beach, where you can also find
a couple of taverns and a mini market.

most of the beaches in Gavdos are pristine and beautiful. Keep in mind, though,
that many of these beaches are popular among naturists.

Crete – A small island’s great history

is the case with most unique places in Crete, Gavdos Island has a rich history
that never fails to surprise the visitor.

island of Gavdos was inhabited from the Neolithic age. The island flourished
during Roman and Byzantine years, when it had a permanent population of a few
thousand people. A remarkable incident about Gavdos is mentioned in Acts 27:16: When Apostle
Paul left Crete for his final trip to Rome, his ship got off its course due to
a storm, and passed through the lee of Gavdos for safety.

Unfortunately, during the
Venetian era of Crete, the Venetians failed to protect Gavdos from the Saracen
pirates, who occupied the island for a long period. During that troubled
period, almost all local residents left the island of Gavdos, which became one
of the prominent bases of operations for the Saracen pirates. The most known
beach of Gavdos, Sarakiniko beach, has been called after them.

The island of Gavdos,
Crete, continued to play a role in the history of 20th century Greece, as well.
The island in the 30s was used as a place of exile for Greek communists, during
the dictatorship of General Metaxas in Greece. Also, during World War II, when
the Nazi German troops won the Battle of Crete, the allied forces evacuated Crete
towards the South using Gavdos as a transit station.

Gavdos, Crete,
is a small island with a nature and atmosphere that you cannot find in any
other island in Greece. It is a beautiful, pristine place, full of surprises for
the visitor. Although remote and a bit difficult to reach, Gavdos Island is one of the characteristic places that you will remember
long after your vacations to Crete.

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